Box Alarm Cards

All jurisdictions in Illinois, as well as some in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri, provide each other with mutual aid through the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System, or MABAS. Automatic mutual aid through MABAS is available to participating jurisdictions for a variety of needs such as structure fires, specialty rescue, hazardous materials (HazMat) or fire investigations, to name a few. The type, quantity, and origin of mutual aid units for incidents of various sizes are recorded on box cards, which are developed by each fire department based on assessments of local fire hazards, staffing, and resources. Instructions for creating box cards can be found by clicking here and templates can be found here. Active MABAS Division 4 Box Cards can be found below.

MABAS Division 4’s Interdivisional or Statewide Deployment Box Cards can be found by clicking here.