MABAS Division 4 

MABAS Division 4 consists of 31 separate fire and rescue agencies working together to provide the highest trained emergency response personnel.

In 1968, the MABAS system was established in Northern Illinois to provide a swift, standardized and effective method of mutual aid assistance for extra alarm fires and mass casualty incidents. The MABAS system is now divided into over 70 Divisions. MABAS divisions geographically span an area from Lake Michigan to west of Rockford and south through Champaign-Urbana, Douglas County, St. Clair County, and St. Louis. Four Wisconsin divisions also share MABAS with their Illinois counterparts. Interest is also becoming evident from the Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri bordering communities. MABAS has been used for such large scale incidents as the Tornado in Utica and also in assistance to Hurricane Katrina. To learn more about MABAS, click here.